About Us

Products for the Body & Mind

ZenEssence is a unique on-line store that has evolved into a joyous and exciting journey during which I've been blessed to meet many amazing mentors. To them and all of my friends who have supported me and given me the courage to build this store, I say, thank you.

All of our products at ZenEssence have been specially selected to help you, or someone you care about, escape, relax and rejuvenate. We specializes in helping you with gifts for friends, and family. We are here to pamper the people you care about.

ZenEssence offers an extensive range of natural-based, organic products, from skincare to products for your home. All of our product lines are cruelty-free; we do not stock any product line tested on animals.

We make every effort in our daily operations to reuse-reduce-recycle our materials in the interest of reducing waste wherever possible.

This is where the journey begins. I hope our products will offer sustenance for you in your journey.

Healthy Regards,